Teaching at Beijing Sports University

Last week I was honoured to fly to Beijing, China, to meet the team at Beijing Sports University (BSU).


This was on the back of a grant Sports Physiotherapy Australia (SPA) and Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) have received to promote the voice of Australian sports medicine into Asia.  BSU asked me to present at the symposium on sporting conditions to an audience including Track & Field coaches, and medical staff. I presented on hamstring injuries in Track & Field, and FAI (femoroacetabular impingement).  IT was interesting having an interpreter for the talk - my English was translated into Mandarin for the audience.


The university is MASSIVE - and has every facility you could imagine. Dozens of basketball courts, hundreds of treadmills and bikes, etc.

Thanks to Professor Wang Anli and the team at BSU for having me as their guest.  Sports Medicine in China has a HUGE future - they are aiming to grow their sports industry to twice the size of what the US is now - wow!

The day after my presentation at the symposium I was able to see some of the sites of China, including the Great Wall, The Forbidden City and Tiananmen square.